Kieran Russell represents fine furniture designed specifically for electronics and multimedia equipment. Detail is the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Factors including heat, service access and sound quality, display elevation, and room for future technology changes combine to complicate many installations. Kieran Russell handles these factors by considering all the technical requirements and making solutions part of the piece. Add in exquisite materials and fine craftsmanship and you make a truly unique statement in art and performance.

Kieran Russell has three distinct lines:

And our designer line:

Kieran Russell Furniture pieces feature essential technology friendly characteristics:
Cool Tunnel - Keeping electronics cool is key to keeping them working properly. Every KR unit has cooling tunnels which allow air to move through the equipment, keeping it operating properly. In most cases fans which can be noisy are not needed.

Rack Ready - Modular rack systems are the best way to fit electronics into furniture. These systems slide out and rotate to ease service. KR units are reinforced for the extra support needed by these racks and maintain perfect fit clearances.

Volumetrics - Putting a speaker in another box or shelf can cause acoustic problems including losses in intelligibility and detail. Many KR units have volume specific cavities for B&W loudspeakers, thus utilizing the enclosure of the furniture to maximize acoustic performance.